Sunday, July 02, 2006

Issue No. 3, Sight - The Peeper--A Screenplay

1. Exterior. Neighborhood. Twilight. A young man, TOM, walks with his MOM around a suburban neighborhood. A woman, JUDITH, approaches them, walking in the opposite direction.
MOM: Judith!
Judith walks past them.
MOM: Judith, hey!
Judith stops and turns.
MOM: Judith, this is my son, Tom.
JUDITH: Hello, Tom.
MOM: Everything settled in yet?
JUDITH: We’re getting there.
MOM: I’ll stop by soon and lend a hand.
JUDITH: That’d be great. Nice meeting you Tom, have a good night.
Judith walks away and Tom and his mom continue walking.
TOM: Who was that?
MOM: Judith. She moved in next door. Did your father tell you about the peeper?
TOM: The who?
MOM: He didn’t tell you? There was a notice up in the post office listing where all the sex offenders in the county live and at the top of the list was our neighborhood. Child pornography.
TOM: That’s awesome!
MOM: It’s scary.
TOM: It’s just what this neighborhood needs, some drama. Did it say which house?
MOM: No.
TOM: Wow.
Tom lags behind, looking into the windows of the houses around him.

2. Exterior. Front lawn. Day. Under the slow oscillations of a sprinkler, a little boy is kicking a soccer ball on his knee. Tom walks by on the sidewalk. He looks back at the boy. He looks at the houses. He smiles.

3. Interior. Bathroom. Day. Tom is undressing next to a window with the blinds down. The shower is running. He slides the clear shower door open. He moves to step into the shower but stops and looks at the window. He smiles. He opens the blinds then enters the shower. He lathers. He looks out the window and drops to the shower floor. He continues to lather from there.

4. Exterior. Sidewalk. Day. Judith stands outside of her house holding a rake. She stares off without blinking, her mouth open.

5. Interior. Dining room. Night. Tom’s mom and DAD sit at the dining room table eating dinner. Tom enters with a plate.
TOM: Some woman stared at me showering today.
MOM: No one can see into your bathroom.
TOM: She was holding a rake.
MOM: Where was she?
TOM: Right next door, on the sidewalk.
MOM: So it was Judith?
TOM: That woman I met?
MOM: I’ve seen her staring into space before.
TOM: Sure, now. She’s stunned by my beauty.

6. Exterior. Front lawn. Day. The little boy is kicking his soccer ball under the sprinklers.

7. Exterior. Day. Judith’s face, staring, not blinking. Her mouth is open.

8. Exterior. Side of house. Day. Tom can be seen undressing in his bathroom window. He looks out the window. He closes the blinds.

9. Interior. Day. MAN’s haggard face behind binoculars.

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